Adherence to HIV Prevention and Treatment: Key Populations in Zimbabwe and sub-Saharan Africa

The University of Zimbabwe College of Health Sciences Clinical Trial Unit will be hosting a two-day HIV conference in Harare, Zimbabwe from 26-27 April 2018.  The central theme of this event is adherence to HIV treatment and prevention with a special focus on adolescent and young adult African women.


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Adherence to treatment and prevention is a key element of the regional goal of achieving sustained virological suppression in 90% of infected persons and to reducing new HIV infections

The University of Zimbabwe College of Health Sciences Clinical Trial Unit will organize a two-day scientific conference in Zimbabwe in order to discuss advances in research on adherence to HIV treatment and prevention, with a special focus on adolescent and young adult African women. The conference will include up to 250 local, regional, and international stakeholders in HIV prevention and treatment, including fellow researchers, academics, implementers, policy makers and community representatives.

The conference has three central aims:

  1. “Where are we?”: We will discuss state-of-the-science evidence on adherence, including successful interventions with a focus on the challenges that are unique to key populations, including adolescent and young adult African women.

To this aim, we are inviting local, regional and international leaders to submit abstracts to the conference.

  1. “Where are we going?”: We will identify new research directions related to adherence including its objective measurement, influencing factors and the needs of key populations.

To this aim, we will present local, regional and international research on these topics and facilitate breakout sessions to encourage collaboration and the development of new research questions. We especially encourage junior investigators to participate by attending the conference and submitting abstracts for consideration.

  1. “How does this affect practical implementation?”: We will provide a forum for community stakeholders and researchers to discuss barriers and solutions to real world implementation of behavioral and clinical adherence interventions.

To this aim, local and regional Southern Africa HIV prevention and treatment practitioners and stakeholders will be invited to present their experiences working in the real world and breakout sessions will further discussion and progress toward successful interventions.

This conference will provide a unique forum to bring together local, regional, and international HIV prevention and treatment experts. We aim to facilitate the dissemination of key research findings, development of new research collaborations, and stimulate discussion around implementation and innovative research questions in the part of the world most impacted by HIV.

For further guidelines to authors who have been selected for oral or poster presentations, please read the guidelines here.

Dates: 26-27 April 2018

For questions regarding the conference, please send email to

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