HPTN 043

A Phase III, Randomized, Controlled Trial of Community Mobilization, Mobile Testing, Same-Day Results, and Post-Testing Support for HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa and Thailand (Project Accept)

Sponsor: US National Institute of Mental Health

Protocol Summary: HPTN 043 developed and implemented a multilevel intervention providing community-based HIV mobile voluntary counseling and testing, community mobilization, and post-test support services. 48 communities in Tanzania, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Thailand were randomized to receive the intervention or clinic-based standard voluntary counseling and testing (VCT), the comparison condition. Project Accept monitored utilization of community-based HIV mobile voluntary counseling and testing and clinic-based standard VCT by community of residence at three sites, which was used to assess differential uptake. The objective of the study was to determine whether communities that received at least 36 months of intervention would have lower HIV incidence, increased rate of HIV testing, lower rates of sexual risk behavior, and lower stigma in comparison to control communities. Quality assurance procedures to evaluate staff fidelity to the intervention were also developed.

Years: 2003 – 2012

Investigator: Alfred Chingono, BSc, MSc

Location: Mutoko CRS (Protocol-specific Site)


Completed Study


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