Study Title: Evaluating a Group-Based Intervention to Improve Mental Health and ART Adherence Among Youth Living with HIV in Low Resource Settings

 Protocol summary:

IMPAACT 2016 is a multi-site, two-arm, randomized, controlled study preceded by a feasibility and acceptability pilot to examine if an Indigenous Leader Outreach Model (ILOM) of trauma-informed cognitive behavioral therapy (TI-CBT) intervention demonstrates improved mental health outcomes and ART adherence for youth living with HIV. The study will proceed in two stages over approximately three and one-half years. In Stage 1, the feasibility and acceptability of the ILOM of TI-CBT program, consisting of 6 two-hour sessions, will be evaluated for 15-19 year-olds living with HIV and their caregivers using the ADAPT-ITT Model. In Stage 2, the efficacy of an ILOM of TI-CBT intervention using a 2-arm randomized controlled trial design will be evaluated for 15-19 year-olds living with HIV and their caregivers. This study will prioritize implementation in countries with high volumes of 15 – 19 year-olds living with HIV, and sites with minimal mental health care infrastructure in order to achieve the biggest impact and deliver the program in areas of greatest need.

 Location: HFC CRS, St Mary’s CRS, Seke North CRS


Current Study

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