Sharon Maxwell Community Impact Award

In 2015 the community created an award recognizing the diverse and expanding contributions of ACTG CAB members outside the network community commitments. The Sharon Maxwell Community Impact Award honors her over 20 year’s contributions to HIV education and support both in research related groups and for her community and state.IMG-20160701-WA0041

This year’s award was won by Stanford Chimutimunzeve (pictured on the right). Stanford is a Community Advisory Board (CAB) member for UZCHS-CTRC ACTG protocols. His immense contribution to research in the community as a CAB member has been so deserving of this award.

The Sharon Maxwell Community Impact Award is awarded by the community to fellow members of the community who contribute to local, national, and global HIV advocacy in areas such as policy, HIV reproductive justice, anti-stigma, housing, HIV criminalization, community empowerment, and promoting awareness and education.

 Candidates may be nominated by someone else or self-nominated.  Nominations can be made by staff, CAB members, or other interested individuals.  In order to be considered for the award, nominees must be a current member of an ACTG CAB in good standing and have been a member for a minimum of two years. Nominators are not limited by site, country, or continent; you may nominate any qualified individual(s) you wish.

The nominee(s) should have qualities emblematic of an inspirational and exceptional community member. The Sharon Maxwell Community Impact Award honors CAB members who not only meet, but exceed expectations. The members selected will exemplify qualities such as the examples listed below:

Good attendance at CAB meetings, calls, and with other meetings within the ACTG (if applicable)

  • Volunteerism in the HIV community and/or CAB
  • Dedication to the health and welfare of persons living with HIV/AIDS (PLWH),
  • Participation and/or advancement of the understanding of clinical trials
  • Support for services that assist PLWH with care or prevention services.
  • Persons who have had a positive impact on others and who enthusiastically serve their CAB and/or their greater community in a capacity greater than their role dictates
  • Persons who strive to advance meaningful community involvement in HIV research via education, awareness, participation, and/or other means;
  • Persons who inspire others; who demonstrate commitment, professionalism, desire and ability to learn and/or share knowledge, leadership, altruism, dedication to the community, and an admirable work ethic.
  • Persons who been made global or local  impact on the HIV community advancing the cause for the search for a cure/vaccine in the work of ACTG research
  • Persons who have stood up for justice when others were persecuted or stigmatized for their HIV sero-status
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