The 5th AFREhealth Symposium 2022

The CTU would like to congratulate members of staff who participated at the 5th African Forum for Research and Education in Health (AFREhealth) Symposium which was held from the 2nd to the 4th of  August 2022 in Harare, Zimbabwe. The theme of the conference was: COVID-19 pandemic and post-pandemic issues for health professions education, research, and service delivery. The CTU presentations at the symposium were as follows:

  1. Sandra Kokera (Central Administration). Oral presentation title: “A process evaluation of COVID-19 infection, prevention, and control practices at a clinical research facility in Zimbabwe.”
  2. Loreen Mangove / Natasha Sedze (Zengeza CRS). Oral presentation title: “Successful recruitment and retention of Adolescent Girls Young Women (AGYW), adult women and Pregnant Breastfeeding Women (PBFW) in clinical trials in the background of COVID-19.”
  3. Dorinda Mukura (Central Laboratory). Oral presentation title: “Experiences with Setting up SARS-CoV-2 Laboratory Diagnosis during the COVID-19 pandemic.”
  4. Elaine Mwandiwata (Central Laboratory). Poster presentation title: “Remote Assessment in Maintaining Medical Laboratory Accreditation during COVID-19 Pandemic- A Research Laboratory Experience.”
  5. Tinashe Chidemo (Central Laboratory). Poster presentation title: “Biorepository Management to support Clinical Trials Research in the COVID-19 Era: University of Zimbabwe Clinical Trials Research Centre experience.”
  6. Dr Muchaneta Bhondai-Mhuri (Seke South CRS). Poster presentation title: “Experiences and lessons learned while implementing COVID-19 Observational studies at University of Zimbabwe Clinical Trials Research Centre during the COVID 19 pandemic.”

The CTU PI, Prof ZM Chirenje and Zengeza CRS Leader, Dr N M Mgodi facilitated breakout sessions at the symposium.

Well done to everyone!

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